Square Wraps

I am not sure how "new" this bread from Warburtons is, but I only discovered it three weeks ago. During this time I had loads of it. I used it in all manners possible. Wraps, mezze scope, folded and toasted and topped with all kinds of ingredients and flashed under the grill.

I have the tendency to do that whenever I discover a new ingredient. For a month or so I try all kind of things, some successful and some disastrous. By the end of this period my wife, and quite often myself, are bored with the ingredient in question but at least I have a clear idea what is it good for. I will have to say, this bread passed this testing period with a great success. I was impressed however way I used it.

The bread is inspired or "pinched" from the legendary Damascus Bakery, Brooklyn, New York. The bakery was established in 1930 by a Syrian immigrant. Eighty one years later his two grand children are still running a family business that expanded to become a nation wide success story.

The bread itself is very good indeed and despite no resembling any native Damascene bread there is something peculiarly Arabic about it. It is a lot better for wraps than tortilla especially if the stuffing is Arabic inspired. You can also use the bread in a similar manner to Arabic flat bread to scoop mezze and breakfast dishes. It works all right but can't compare to the real thing.

The best use by far is a pizza or fatayer base. Just spread whatever ingredients you like, three minutes under the grill and you get yourself an excellent dinner.

Finally for all the parents out there I thought I should share with you a childhood favourite that I rediscovered in the last few weeks, Fake Pizza. This was my mum emergency dish when we wanted something nice and child friendly for supper. To make my mum pizza just spread some ketchup on the bread, sprinkle some dry oregano, any kind of cold meat, some olives and mozzarella cheese. Few minutes under the grill and you got yourself a dinner.