Ramadan Special

Ramadan (Fasting month in Islamic faith) is only three weeks away. In Arabic and Islamic countries, regardless if you fast or not, or even if you are not a Muslim, You can't but feel the spirit of the month. Religion aside, Ramadan is a celebration of food, family and for the last few years TV.

During the month I will try to post recipes of food associated with Ramadan. I will see how many dishes I can manage. This depends on how much time to cook and write do I have and my wife diet. At the moment all carbohydrates are banned in our household. We'll see how things are in three weeks time.

If you have any recipes, requests or ideas please leave a comment and I will do my best to accommodate them. This is what is on the table:


Tammam Aloudat said...

Chicken Fatteh... Yessssssss

Kano said...

How do you like you fatteh mate? With fried bread or Shami style?

Unknown said...

Abo chood,
what about Fatet maghdoos, can u add it to the menu??
I think it is worth to write about it

Kano said...

Hi Abo Alnoor
Definitely worth writing about, depending if I can find baby aubergine. To be truly authentic it needs the tiniest ever baby aubergine.
I will try

Syrian in London said...

dear Kano, Thanks a million for running this special. Other than how to make the perfect Temer Hindi, I need dishes that i can make after visiting my local Tesco (not go all the way to Damas Gate!)

Kano said...

@Syrian in London
You are welcome!
Regarding Temer Hindi, I don't really like it. I will try to make it though, as my wife loves the stuff, if it works I will put the recipe on.
About Tesco and Damas Gate; Fair enough, but... All you need to do is a single trip a month or even couple of months to stock on essentials. The rest can be bought from any supermarket.
There is few recipes on my blog that don't require any specialty ingredients. Mnazaleh be Aswad, Foul Ma'ala, Mjadara, Cherry Kebab, Muhamara, Hummus, Keshkeh Khadra ...

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