World's Fastest Falafel Maker

Today I discovered the world's fastest falafel maker (and possibly the busiest, check how many sandwiches are ready to go). It takes this guy less than 5 seconds to make the sandwich. Amazing stuff!

The shop is somewhere in Aleppo. I need to find it when I visit the city next time I am in Syria.

The video by Pangeality Productions.


Taste of Beirut said...

Impressive! I noticed the atmosphere ( relaxed, friendly and warm) and the lack of ladies. Now, what does he manage to include in it? It looks so yummy!

Zora said...

Sooo wonderful! And now I'm starving.

I must get back there before they change the movie poster that's the landmark!

Nora said...

Oh my God, I REALLY want to go there! It looks amazing - and how fast is that guy!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to visit soon

Unknown said...

Now I know what I want for lunch! Oops, I am half a world away!

Kano said...

It is difficult to tell what this guy put in the sandwiches as he is so quick but the usual in Syria is Tomatoes, pickles both cucumber and fuchsia-coloured turnip, parsley and yoghurt sauce (surprisingly yoghurt rather than tahini sauce, few places use tahini or spread some hummus on the bread).

How cool is that cinema poster!

@Nora and Joy
you guys need to visit Syria. You would love it. Just ask Zora how much she likes it.

Is this your first visit?

Tony said...

awesome post! I just tweeted it - I have to stop by there the next time I'm in Aleppo

Kano said...

Thank you for stopping by and for the tweet.
I was told this guy shop is in Bab Al-Faraj area of Aleppo, close to the Sheraton Hotel.

Dave Azar said...

its very close to the baron hotel, off of baron street. a few streets down from the museum... im sure its a hole in the ground now though

Kano said...

Extremely sad!

Kano said...

Extremely sad!

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