7aki7aki cooking videos

Last night I stumbled upon some of the most original cooking videos I have seen. They are made by 7aki7aki a Syrian student in France somewhere, may be Paris judging from her other videos. She is originally from Homs a small nice city north of Damascus. She posted recipes of some Syrian classics cooked Homsi style. The cooking and the filming takes place in the most basic and tiniest kitchens. True student pad.

The videos are silent with French and Arabic (in Homsi accent) titles. All the video are fast forwarded with some nice music background. There is a great humorous tones to the videos partly due to the fast movements and partly due to the comments she put on the screen.

I thought I should share these videos with you. Here is a sample.

By the way, 7aki7aki means Talk Talk.


مترجم سوري said...

i think this girl is a french teacher in the gulf area:P coz of ingredients she is using.
she was funny and she has 32dehh from the damscences. :P

Kano said...


I actually think she is in France. If you see her other videos, all the meat packaging are French ones.

Everybody has 32deh from us shwam ;)

Unknown said...

I love this video and look forward to seeing the rest! Thankyou for the introduction!

Anonymous said...

love it it's hilarious, love the apron too

مترجم سوري said...

Kano: looooool

cmiranda said...

Hi Kano,
Thanks for sharing the video, I really enjoyed watching it.Sometimes the best foods are prepared with the simplest of ingredients and surroundings.

Kano said...

@joy @melicieus @cmiranda

Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you liked the films as much as I did.

ihath said...

Interesting way to make humus. Will try it at home.

buy viagra said...

haha I like this, what I usually do is that download the video an play on the ebook when I'm gonna do it.

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