When a Syrian expectant mother is writing her list of things to buy in preparation for the birth, caraway seeds features high on this list along with milk bottles, nappies and baby cloths.

After birth people visit the new mother to congratulate her on the baby arrival. Carawya is a special type of desert almost exclusively served for this occasion. The word Carawya is Arabic for caraway. No surprise the fragrant seeds are the main ingredient in the dish.

Last week end after I finished my course in France I headed with my wife to visit my brother and his wife in Germany. They have been recently blissed with a beautiful baby boy, hence the carawya post. The one in the picture is the handy work of my sister in law.

In Syria you buy a ready made Carawya mixture. If you want to make your own mixture all you need is one portion of ground caraway seeds to two portions of rice flour.

Here is the recipe for two portions:

Water 350 mls
Carawya mixture 2-3 tbsp
Sugar 2 tbsp
Pine nuts

Add the cold water, carawya mixture and sugar to a deep pot. Bring to boil on a medium heat stirring continuously. The mixture should be custard-thick. Adjust the amount of the carawya powder if you prefer a thicker or thinner consistency.

Serve warm in tea cups or desert bowls. Top with a generous layer of coconut then the rest of the nuts.


Velva said...

I learned something today. Thanks for sharing.

Kano said...


Welcome to my blog. You have some beautiful looking recipes on your blog.

Anonymous said...

looks delicious...
Sam 4m Abu Dhabi

Kano said...


Thank you very much and welcome to my blog.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Congratulations to your family on their new addition! As far as I am concerned, this is another good reason to stay childless - caraway, erk! On the other hand, I could leave it out or make it with cinnamon or cardamom or something, because the rest of the dessert sounds gorgeous!

Tammam Aloudat said...


I got so excited about this post that I dug up some Carawya and made it at home. Who said you cannot have Carawya without having the baby :)

Thanks for the post, and if I may say, you should do some more desserts... How about you give Nammoura be Eshta a try???

Kano said...

Thank you very much. You need to give caraway a chance. It is really nice. If you really don't like it try to mix cinnamon and anise.

You welcome mate. I should try to do more desserts. The problem with our sweets that no matter how good your home-made ones can't match the one bought in the shop.

Sasa said...

I love your writing! I always strive to write well above all and really appreciate your stories.

Kano said...

Thank you very much. That is a great compliment coming from you.

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic

and until I had my little girl Layla I didn't know why they gave this when you went to visit a new mum......... it's because it helps produce extra breastmilk....

this helped me a lot when I had my baby
and have now taken it further to produce this as a ready mix sachet to sell..... we hope we will be selling it in boots soon

have a look at our website

can we use your great photo of the carawya dish??

Kano said...


Welcome to my blog.

What a good idea for a product. I hope it goes well and Boots do take the product.

You can use the picture if you wish as long as youu attribute it to me with a link, please.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much

would love to!!!!

sorry my name is Lulu
but didn't know how to get my name on there :-))

Many thanks and will keep you updated!!!

the website is almost finished
so do have a look

I'm also getting the carawya from syria directly!! so it will be the REAL thing!!!

and I hope we will help a lot of mum's

Kano said...


I hope the project goes well for you.

Are you making any changes to the Carawya mix you get from Syria or using it as it is?

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