One Hundred and One Mezze: 18. Hummus with Meat

I decided to use the name Hummus with Meat for this dish rather than the name used in Levantine restaurants here in London, "Hummus Kawermah". Kawermah (or awerma or qawerma) is an almost extinct form of preserved meat while the topping of this dish is obviously not that. It is fried meat. In Syria the word hummus kawerma doesn't exist and the dish is called "Hummus bil Lahmeh" which literally translates to Hummus with Meat.

This dish was one of my favourite suppers when I was young. Possibly beaten to first place only by Shawerma. This dish was my dad specialty. He would never buy a meat ready prepared by the butcher to make hummus bil lahmeh. He would buy a nice cut of meat and clean it and chop it himself to get a perfect lean pieces of meat as we liked it.

If you want to make this dish chose a good quality cut of meat. You need something lean and tender with very little fat. I personally go for a beef fillet but a lamb neck fillet works equally as good.

Here is my recipe:

Beef Fillet 250g
Pine nuts 50g
Ghee butter 1tbsp

Start by frying the pine nuts in the ghee butter till nice and golden. Remove to the side.

Cut the fillet into small pieces (as in the picture). Fry in the ghee butter. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Spread the hummus in a plate. Top with the cooked meat and pine nuts.

Serve with Arabic flat bread.


Lickedspoon said...

This looks very tasty indeed. I've enjoyed the Turkish version of this with hummus and spicy minced lamb, but it looks even better with the chunks of beef.

Luiz Hara said...

It is amazing to learn how hummus can be so versatile, and mixing it with meat & pine nuts sounds delicious. I liked your personal recount of shawerma sandwich story too.

I wonder whether i could substitute the beef for chicken livers?

Luiz @ The London Foodie

tasteofbeirut said...

I love hummos be lahmeh!

Kano said...

Was the Turkish version you mentioned from my blog or a diffirent recipe?

I haven't tried to use chicken livers before but I think it will be delicious. Give it a go and let me know how it goes.

What do you call it in Lebanon Hummus be Lahmeh or Hummus Kawerma?

shayma said...

it is the simple dishes, with the most basic ingredients, which are the best,in my humble opinion (not to say that i dont adore kibbeh bi sanniyeh, which is *slightly* more complex!). it's nice that you make your father's dish- this sort of cooking has so much meaning.

Anonymous said...

sounds yummy. stephan

SHAKUEY201 said...

It's so funny, I have been eating Qawarma since I was a baby and never once saw it on a menu.

Lickedspoon said...

Hi Kano, No, it's not one I've made, it's one I've had at one of the Turkish cafes here in Stoke Newington. I'd certainly like to try your though. Such a great combination of ingredients.

Tammam Aloudat said...

Kano, this is one of my favourite dishes ever. It is easy to make and is a great, though not too light, dinner.
Rania loves it, but her family recipe, which you can imagine is what (we love/I have) to do in our household is made with lean minced meat.
I like the idea though of the meat chunks, it would be a bit more chewy I imagine and would emphasise the taste of the filet. I will try this next time I do hummus be lahmeh.
Thanks mate.

Kano said...

Sorry for the late reply everyone. I was away on a training course.

I do agree with you. Sometimes simple dishes are the best. I love when the ingredients speak for themselves.

... and it tastes yummy.

I guess it is a UK thing then. Here all the Lebanese without fail calls it Hummus Kawerma.

Something similar to my Sujuk recipe then.

I very occasionally make it with mince meat. Try it this way and you won't regret it. I promise you.

Unknown said...

Hey Kano,

We did the hummus with meat your way today, it was fantastic. Much better than the one with mince meat. Now what do you think of a suggestion for your Mezze, one of my favourites, hummus with walnuts!!!

Kano said...


I am glad you guys liked it. Did you use lamb or beef.

Hummus with walnuts is one my favourite ways to eat hummus. It is on my list for the mezze series.

oldie goldie said...

i just got a link to your blog from a sister. i must say i'm impressed! i'm gonna be a regular visitor for sure.. i love food lol..
mashaAllah sister, keep up the god job (=yummy recipes)

ps. i see that i got the honour to be your 100st follower.. :D

Kano said...

@Oldie goldie

Welcome to my blog. I am so glad you liked it and honoured to have you as my 100th follower.

I am not a sister by the way. I am a brother :)

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